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S.O.S. Titanic (1979) Blu-ray: A realistic account of events

Kino Lorber will be releasing Director William Hale’s made-for-TV movie, S.O.S. Titanic (1979) on a 4K restoration Blu-ray. Stars David Janssen, Cloris Leachman.

The saga of the supposedly unsinkable R.M.S. Titanic has captured the world’s imagination for over a century. Its story of greed, loss, and survival remains as fascinating today as it did on that fateful, moonless night in April 1912. Long before James Cameron’s blockbuster Titanic (1997), this film meticulously recreated the world’s most lavish luxury liner and its sumptuous gala atmosphere during the four-day journey leading to the disaster. Based on detailed research, this intriguing docudrama gives a rich sense of life aboard the Titanic as it explores the lives of various passengers, ranging from the most impoverished to the wealthiest, and movingly finds the courage amidst the horror and tragedy. The film follows the survivors’ lives after their traumatic rescue. The all-star cast includes David Janssen (Superdome), Cloris Leachman (Scavenger Hunt), Susan Saint James (Love at First Bite), Ian Holm (Juggernaut), Helen Mirren (The Queen), Harry Andrews (The Nightcomers) and David Warner (Morgan!), who also appeared in Cameron’s Titanic more than a decade later.

Directed by William Hale (Journey to Shiloh), with a screenplay by three-time Emmy Award winner James Costigan (Love Among the Ruins) and top-notch cinematography by Christopher Challis (The Deep, Evil Under the Sun).

Release date: October 13, 2020
Genre: Drama

DirectorWilliam Hale
CastDavid Janssen, Cloris Leachman, Harry Andrews
CountryUSA / UK
Production Year1979
Discs1 Blu-ray Disc
Run Time102 minutes
FormatsColor / 1.33:1
StudioKino Lorber

Special features

NEW Audio Commentary by critic Evgueni Mlodik
Titanic 1943 Theatrical Trailer
Original 1912 Newsreel
A Tour of the Olympic – Titanic Sister Ship
Reversible cover art
Optional English SDH subtitles for the main feature

S.O.S. Titanic (1979) clip

Notice: The picture quality of these videos do not reflect the picture quality of the Blu-ray or DVD in this package.

11 Comments S.O.S. Titanic (1979) Blu-ray: A realistic account of events

  1. Andemoine Winrow

    Today is the day of the new ”KINO LORBER” blu-ray and d.v.d release of ”S.O.S TITANIC”. I finally found out which aspect ratio the European Theatrical version is in on my original d.v.d. I looked at the back cover of the first ever d.v.d released on ”STUDIO CANAL” home video. That’s something i should have thought of a long time ago. It states that the film is in a re-formatted ”1.78.1” aspect ratio. Which ULTIMATELY MEANS that it is NOT shown in it’s original format. The original format was either ”1.66.1” OR ”1.85.1”. Now we all know that the ”1.78.1” did not exist back in 1980. So why did the people from ”STUDIO CANAL” decide to change the wide-screen format to ”1.78.1” ? What was wrong with presenting it in the format that was shown in theatres in Europe back in 1980 ? Now that i FINALLY have figured it out, MY d.v.d copy from ”THE CASTAWAYS PICTURES” home video is the exact same d.v.d release that has this aspect ratio. Which means there are 2 diffrent wide-screen formats. So i will keep my original d.v.d copy so as to have BOTH formats.

  2. Andemoine Winrow

    On my last comment i said on the d.v.d the aspect ratio was ”1.78.1”. I’m now not sure what ratio it’s on. On the back of the d.v.d cover it has no information on the aspect ratio. I just checked the information on the difference in aspect ratios and found that in Europe they used the ”1.66.1” widescreen formats so my assumption was wrong. The people who made ”S.O.S TITANIC” DID film the movie in the ”1.66.1” format. So on both the up-coming Blu-ray and D.V.D releases, the edited European Theatrical version is in it’s original format. Sorry for the MIS-information.

  3. Andemoine Winrow

    What i said about the aspect ratio of ”1.85.1” on the original d.v.d release, it is actually ”1.78.1”.

  4. Andemoine Winrow

    Another thing, why didn’t the people who put this special edition together, ”KINO LORBER” , release this last year so as to comemmorate the 40th anniversary of it’s television release ? Get it together, people !

  5. Andemoine Winrow

    At ”W.W.W. BLURAY.COM”, they show that for the European Theatrical Version, it is in a ” 1.66.1” format. That is not widescreen. I have this movie on d.v.d and it is in a ”1.85.1”
    widescreen format. Why on this new re-release is the format wider ? ”1.66.1” is more likely fullscreen. On that format, you hardly see the black bars on the top and bottom of the TV screen. And i know that the people who produce this edited version for theatres in Europe did not show this in that format. This really makes no sense. If this is true, then i will keep my original d.v.d release so as to have the original format as it was shown in European theatres.

  6. James

    I’m hearing on multiple dates for release; March 3, March 10, April 10, and Early 2020. Anyone know which release date it actually will be? I’m also hearing from some sites that the Blu-ray edition will feature the entire 144 minute version – released on media for the first time in 40 years. Is that a rumor, or (hopefully) the truth?

    1. Andemoine Winrow

      It’s October 13th and it has both the heavily edited European Theatrical version and for the first time ever on home video, the ENTIRE 142 minute version.


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